We engage our global workforce to strengthen the communities where we live, work and play.

Our people have a passion for helping their communities thrive, whether it’s through investing time, sharing their skills or simply giving to the causes they care about.

Here’s a snapshot of just a few of our positive impacts from the last year.

Our Footprint

Our people are working to do good all around the world, and it’s paying off. Together we are making an impact that matters.

Click on the map points to see where we’re supporting our partners in making an impact:

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Fossil Group Community Impact
Fossil Group Community Impact

Get Involved

We meet our people where they are so it’s easy for them to make a big impact. Here are a few ways we invite our tribe to Make Time For Good:

Employees are invited to share their time and talent with causes and charitable organizations of their choice—to strengthen our communities in a positive and sustainable way.
There’s nothing like using your own special skills and experiences to help a growing organization reach it’s potential. We match our employees with opportunities to contribute to the mission of our partner organizations for a true win-win.
We honor the diversity of giving at Fossil by supporting our employees’ contributions with nonprofit organizations in both local and global communities.
To amplify our impact, we make volunteering a global event—working together to create positive change in our communities around the world.
Kiva shares our commitment to innovation and passion for entrepreneurship, and we support them through Kiva gifts. Employees can use these to fund the loans of borrowers in need.
Our giving platform enables timely support when disasters occur, by offering to match donations employees make to responding 501(c)(3) relief organizations.
Kim Clark of Fossil Group works as volunteer firefighter

Making An Impact: Kim Clark

On a normal work day, Kim Clark is the global service continuity manager at Fossil Group—dealing with server outages and climate emergencies.

“If we have a hurricane or a tornado, I’m the guy they call,” Kim said. When he’s not at work, he’s responding to disasters in a vastly different way, as a volunteer firefighter for the Van Zandt County Fire Department in Canton, Texas. Volunteering approximately 48 hours each month to the department, he says he’s proud to work for a company like Fossil Group that allows him the time to do what he loves for his community.

Listen to Kim discuss his passion for volunteering and what it means to him to have Fossil Group’s support:

We know you’re passionate about working in your community and volunteering. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

I’ve been doing volunteer work for about 20 years and it’s always been a childhood dream of mine to be a firefighter. When I lived in Rowlett, I ran the fire corps, which is a group of people that would take care of the firefighters after a fire. Firemen can only be in a fire for about 30-40 minutes on average. When they come out, they’re usually wearing 70 pounds of bunker gear and breathing stale air, so they go into a thing we call “rehab.” That’s giving them water and oxygen if they need it, and watching their vitals. After doing that for awhile, I decided to go into the fire academy and train to be a firefighter. To help the fire department and know that we’re supporting them shows the impact of what volunteers can do.

What do you like most about being a firefighter?

My favorite part is helping the people that you come in contact with. You’re meeting people on their worst day and helping guide them through it. About a month ago, there was a grass fire and the wind was blowing the fire towards a house. We got there in time to stop the fire about 100 feet in front of a couple’s home. It’s a good feeling to know that their entire lives possessions were saved by some water and me being in the right place at the right time.

Have you found yourself taking the skills that you’ve learned in your volunteer work and applying them to your job at Fossil Group (and vice versa)?

There’s a lot of crossover with what I do as a disaster recovery manager. You work to prevent as much of an outage as possible, but you’re prepared when or if something does happen.

What do you like most about being a firefighter?

My favorite part is helping the people that you come in contact with. You’re meeting people on their worst day and helping guide them through it. About a month ago, there was a grass fire and the wind was blowing the fire towards a house. We got there in time to stop the fire about 100 feet in front of a couple’s home. It’s a good feeling to know that their entire lives were saved by some water and me being in the right place at the right time.

Have you found yourself taking the skills that you’ve learned in your volunteer work and applying them to your job at Fossil Group (and vice versa)?

There’s a lot of crossover with what I do as a disaster recovery manager. You work to prevent as much of an outage as possible, but you’re prepared when or if something does happen.

Why do you like working for Fossil Group?

One thing is for sure, they support my volunteer work. I tell people that I take paid volunteer time off and they say, “you’re getting paid right now?” They can’t believe it. This is the only place that I’ve worked where everyone is pretty happy to come into work everyday.

People want to volunteer and put their time and energy into making an impact in their communities. What would be your advice to them on where to start and how to get involved?

I would say the best way to start is to get on the web and search your city’s site to see what they offer. For fire and police departments, you can volunteer at any level.

Why do you like working for Fossil Group?

One thing is for sure, they support my volunteer work. I tell people that I take paid volunteer time off and they say, “you’re getting paid right now?” They can’t believe it. This is the only place that I’ve worked where everyone is pretty happy to come into work everyday.

People want to volunteer and put their time and energy into making an impact in their communities. What would be your advice to them on where to start and how to get involved?

I would say the best way to start is to get on the web and search your city’s site to see what they offer. For fire and police departments, you can volunteer at any level.

Kim recently underwent a “Jaws of Life” training—a simulation in which firefighters use extraction equipment to rescue people trapped inside a car after a wreck. Listen to his experience and the ways in which his lieutenants say he’s making an impact in the field:

To learn more about how Fossil Group and others Make Time For Good, visit fossilgroup.com/sustainability.

Fossil Group commemorates 10th year of Movember Foundation participation with a little friendly competition

Fossil Group Does Mo’ Good For Movember

Fossil Group, in collaboration with the Movember Foundation, showed their stache support this past November on behalf of men’s health. The Movember Foundation’s goal—to stop men from dying too young—raises awareness and funds to fight prostate and testicular cancers, as well as support mental health care and suicide prevention.

Fossil Group’s participation began in 2008 with only 12 headquarters employees and has since grown to over 170 employees worldwide. To celebrate our 10th year of participation and in raising over $406,000, the Fossil Group Mo’ Bros and Mo’ Sistas created a short film to showcase their passion for Movember and friendly competition for best ‘stache.

Fossil Brand got in on the action with the creation of a limited edition Movember hybrid smartwatch. Available to consumers throughout the month of November, the no-charge hybrid featured a mustache-printed dial and embossed strap. Twenty percent of the proceeds supported the Movember Foundation.

Show your ‘stache support and be sure to visit the Movember Foundation’s website to learn more about their commitment to helping men live happier, healthier and longer lives.

  • movember-tin-2018-crop
  • ftw1175_5-800

Fossil Group and Elementary Students Make a Bold Statement With Repurposed Watch Straps

Fossil Group is home to countless creative talents who utilize their artistic abilities to not only develop products with sustainability in mind, but to also transform spaces and young minds in our communities.

As part of its Make Time For Good framework, Fossil Group recently partnered with the staff and students at Barron Elementary in Plano, TX to create a one-of-a-kind mural inspired by a Dr. Seuss quote and designed with repurposed excess fashion watch straps in the shape of the school’s lion mascot.

“Using the resources that we have within Fossil, we thought a lot about how we wanted to repurpose materials,” said Carolyn Marco, associate creative director of Fossil Outlet watches and jewelry. “We’re using about 6,000 watch straps from our excess inventory to create the mural.”

The mural design team—comprised of Fossil Group graphic designers—spent 2-3 months preparing the artwork and layout, culminating in a full-day company volunteer event to construct the art piece within the school. To build excitement, teachers worked with their students to create a colorful popsicle stick painted frame that currently outlines the 8ft by 10ft piece of art.

“Because a piece of artwork can transform a space, it gives the kids a sense of that transformation – they get to see it live while it’s happening and be a part of it,” said Laura Grundler, visual arts coordinator, Plano ISD. “It was wonderful to see them get excited about it.”

Watch how it all came together and the students’ reactions at the unveil!

Learn more about how Fossil Group makes time for good through local and global community impact here.

Alice Nap of Fossil Group Benelux poses at community garden volunteer event

Making an Impact: Alice Nap

Alice Nap believes that the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference.

“It’s the little things like cleaning [someone’s] house or simply going on a walk with someone that can make a positive change,” she says.

When Alice isn’t busy ordering office supplies or creating store procedures in Fossil Group’s Benelux office, she has kept busy organizing 24 volunteer events, resulting in approximately 510 volunteer hours for our Benelux colleagues.

From a cooking competition that raises money for disabled children, to working in the gardens of in-need families throughout her community—Alice has a knack for giving and making time for good.

Alice Nap organizes volunteer opportunities for her colleagues at Fossil Group in Benelux

How did you recently Make Time For Good?

Last November, we organized a Master Chef cooking competition in our office. For three days, employees cooked up their favorite lunch recipes, which we could buy and enjoy that day for €3. Proceeds from each lunch purchased went to Maartenshoeve, an equestrian center that provides horse riding lessons to disabled children. We’re sponsoring a great cause, while having fun and a little friendly competition.

Share a success you’ve had in the past when you’ve made time for good.

Last spring, a small team from the office volunteered to help a local family with their garden. Due to health reasons, they could no longer perform the physical labor that the upkeep required, so we supplied them with some manpower for the day! A few months later, we were pleasantly surprised with a newsletter from the social partner through which we volunteered, highlighting the family’s story. The family was so amazed to see such a large company encouraging their employees to make time for good by volunteering throughout their community. It’s incredible to think that such a simple act from us resulted in such a significant impact in this family’s life.

How does Fossil Group support you in making time for good?

Fossil Group supports me in being a local champion and leading the charge with these volunteer events and efforts. That support allows me the time and opportunity to identify ways in which my Benelux colleagues can all work together to make time for good.

Alice Nap and colleagues help local couple with their garden
Alice Nap supports Fossil Group's Make Time For Good commitments

What makes Fossil Group’s culture unique?

No matter where you are or who you meet from Fossil, there is this unspoken, inherent connection. The best way that I can describe it is like reconnecting with a family member that you haven’t seen in a while.

How can others get involved in your efforts?

Surprisingly enough, it can be quite difficult to identify new volunteer opportunities. I encourage all of my colleagues to get involved – to not hesitate in letting me know when they see a unique volunteer opportunity, so we can come up with a plan on how to support the cause closest to their hearts!

Two Peer Leaders with Fossil Foundation partner org PeerForward pose with medals

How “Peer Leaders” Drive Success In Education

How can American schools help more underserved youth strive for college and unlock better futures? It’s one of the biggest challenges facing educators today. For Fossil Foundation’s partner, PeerForward, the answer lies in harnessing a special power: peer influence.

For 20+ years, PeerForward (formerly College Summit) has worked with high school students to create better outcomes for their peers in low-income neighborhoods. It has now remodeled its core program and rebranded the whole organization to put peer influence front and center.

Each year, PeerForward trains and coaches new teams of “Peer Leaders” with the potentially life-changing mission of guiding their classmates to enroll in college and helping them navigate the intimidating admissions and financial aid process. We sat down with a few Peer Leaders to understand how they are becoming change agents in their classmates’ lives thanks to the PeerForward program.

Read on FossilFoundation.org →

Claire Stolz collects plastic bottle caps at the Fossil Group office in Basel Switzerland

Making an Impact: Claire Stolz

It’s not unusual to see Claire Stolz gathering water bottle caps around the office. “I’m happy with the little things I can do,” the EMEA financial controller says. It’s easy to look at lid collection as something “little”—but Claire’s efforts are anything but. Through her partnership with Les Bouchons d’Amour, her efforts not only bring more bottles and lids to recycling plants, they also raise money to fund wheelchairs for those who need them across her community. It’s her commitment to making time to help both the planet and her community that makes Claire stand out—she’s a force for good who is proving that environmental responsibility and social responsibility go hand in hand.

What do you make time for?

When I arrived in Basel, I immediately saw an opportunity to spread support for Les Bouchons d’Amour, a French association that collects plastic water bottle caps which are then sold to a recycling company located in Belgium. The caps are transformed into plastic pallets, which have a 300-year lifespan and are endlessly recyclable. The full profit from the sale of the caps is used to finance equipment for people with disabilities as well as humanitarian actions in France and abroad.

How does Fossil help you increase your impact in this area?

Fossil supported my partnership with Les Bouchons d’Amour and the organization’s unique efforts to help both the environment and the community. Although it’s a small step, the few tons of plastic recycled and money raised for disabled people makes an impact.

Photos courtesy of Claire Stolz and Les Bouchons d’Amour

Share a success you’ve had through this project.

I have collected caps at home for years! Here in Basel, my colleagues saw me collecting water bottle caps so they started doing it too! As of today, we have filled a 71 liter bag with caps in our headquarters in Basel, which equates to about 22 kilograms.

Why is caring for the planet important to you?

Environmental responsibility has always been very important to me. I’m fully aware of the negative impact human negligence and overconsumption can have on this planet.

When I finished business school, I wanted to spend time on a topic I care about—and that’s how I gravitated towards getting a master’s degree in sustainable development. Later on, I got an opportunity to do a training at an automotive company, where I taught the production line employees eco-friendly methods to removing toxins within the products they use. It was a rewarding experience because I offered a better solution for the environment and the company at the time.

Why is it important to you to make time for good?

Whatever we do as a business, there’s always a way to lower our carbon footprint. Being a mother of a three year old and a baby on the way, I have to care about my children’s future on this earth.

What are a few other ways you’re working to strengthen the planet and your community?

I’m the treasurer of the Ladies’ Circle in Strasbourg, France. We organize events to raise money for different associations such as Les Amis de Marie, which supports people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and Mon Cartable Connecté, which aims to improve hospitalized children’s lives through a digital device that allows them to remotely stay in touch with their classroom while they are in the hospital.

What advice do you find yourself sharing most frequently?

Do as much as you can do—it will truly make a difference. Every little drop counts towards making a bigger impact.

Oprah stops by gala in Texas to support fundraiser for Minnie's Food Pantry

Fossil Group Celebrates Minnie’s Food Pantry

For over eight years, Fossil Group employees have flocked to Minnie’s Food Pantry to make time for good in the Plano and Dallas (North Texas) community. Dr. Cheryl Jackson, Minnie’s founder and changemaker-in-chief, started her award-winning non-profit with a dream: she dreamed that every single person should have the opportunity to live and eat with dignity. It’s this relentless belief in the importance of dignity that’s driven every aspect of Minnie’s through the years—and what’s ultimately allowed them to deliver over 7 million meals to 450,000 people and counting.

Minnie’s determination to eradicate hunger has inspired people across Dallas and beyond, including Oprah Winfrey. Minnie’s Food Pantry celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a gala Tuesday night, during which Winfrey not only delivered the keynote address, but inspired the audience to raise over $1.3 million in additional donations on the spot.

“Not only has Minnie’s made lasting change on the Dallas community, they’ve made an incredible impact on us as a company—and as individuals,” says Steve Evans, Executive Vice President of Fossil Group.

“Dr. Cheryl Jackson and Team Minnie’s are powerful examples of what can be accomplished when we make time for good every day. They are an inspiration to us, and we’re proud to support their ongoing efforts to strengthen our local community.”

Video feature courtesy of ET

Oprah stops by gala in Texas to support fundraiser for Minnie's Food Pantryimg_9999LiraDesign Studios in Plano Texas handwritten notes for all guests at Minnie's Food Pantry Gala 2018Employees from Fossil Group prepare for Minnie's Food Pantry auction at Gala 2018Janiece Evans Page, head of Global Giving and Sustainability and Steve Evans EVP Fossil Group Owned Brands speak at Minnie's Food Pantry Gala Oprah greets Janiece Evans Page and Steve Evans of Fossil Group on stage at Minnie's Food Pantry Gala 2018

Learn more about how Fossil Group makes time for good through community impact here.

Shirley Tam Makes Time for Good Working With Kids Hong Kong

Making an Impact: Shirley Tam

Shirley Tam is on a mission to unleash the potential of youth.

She’s a regional planning manager for our Hong Kong office, and is passionate about supporting educational programming for youth in some of the poorest districts of Hong Kong. Shirley is the type of volunteer who shows up, makes an impact and asks—”Ok, what’s next?” She embodies grit and passion, and we’re proud to celebrate the impact that she’s making through community volunteerism across Asia.

What do you make time for?

I love helping and empowering underserved youth. I was born in Sham Shui Po, the poorest district in Hong Kong—I know what it feels like to look to the future without optimism. Now, I’m lucky to have my own job and earn money to support my family. Through my life experiences, I strongly believe education is very important. My favorite volunteer work that I am doing is helping kids with their homework and reading to them.

How does Fossil support you in Making Time For Good?

Our two [annual] Greater Together tours give us a variety of volunteer opportunities—everything from helping youth to adults and the elderly. This is uncommon in Hong Kong companies as I feel many prefer to organize only one event with the sole purpose to build a good corporate image. Fossil Group also gives us volunteer hours to dedicate our time to helping those in need.

“I love interacting with kids. . .Through my experiences, I strongly believe education is very important to the needy.”Shirley

How are you making an impact on Fossil Group, your community and/or the planet?

I am lucky to be a Fossil Foundation Champion in Asia. In the past few years, working with colleagues, we organized off-site volunteering opportunities called Action Stations twice a year. Co-facilitated with First Steps Himalaya, we provide different kinds of teaching materials like flashcards, felt shapes and more to teachers in Nepal.

How did you most recently Make Time For Good?

I shared my career journey with the kids at the Sprouts Foundation, which helps raise the quality of life for underprivileged children in Asia by providing effective educational programs typically not available to them.

I also dedicate at least one Saturday morning to throw a birthday party for kids, which is organized by different kinds of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Hong Kong. I love to find volunteering opportunities through HandsOn Hong Kong—an easily accessible website to see which NGOs need the most help.

What advice to find yourself sharing most frequently?

When I am talking to younger kids, I tell them to believe that they have a future, and to always do whatever they believe is right. No one can judge you except you. We need to be brave when facing any obstacles in order to overcome them.

What makes Fossil Group’s culture unique?

Curiorisity! Wearables is one of the good examples — we believe this is a trend so we are working on that. We also keep challenging and improving our work day by day.

Jennifer Smith shares her story of impact and mentoring an intern from Marcus Graham Project

Making an Impact: Jennifer Smith

“The minute I discovered there was an opportunity to be a part of the Marcus Graham Project, I knew it was something I wanted to do.”

This is Jennifer Smith—solution-oriented, inclusive, highly engaged. She’s a Group Manager in Product Development for Fossil men’s leathers, as well as a frequent volunteer. Though she passionately supports s a variety of organizations and causes, The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) has been especially meaningful to her. MGP creates opportunity in the marketing industry for ethnically diverse students, and Jennifer sees herself in the interns who come to Fossil during the summer.

What do you make time for?

I always make time for mentoring others. Marcus Graham Project affords me an opportunity to do this and Fossil does a great job getting us plugged in. The program allowed me to interact regularly with my mentee, to discuss current projects, offer advice on handling situations and provide feedback on the group’s final presentation to senior management.

Why did Marcus Graham Project resonate with you?

I am an advice giver by nature. To be able to take what I’ve learned as an African American woman in the corporate world and pass it along, not only to my mentee but to other people in the group, was the most rewarding thing for me. When I started my career, it would have been helpful for me to have a similar mentor who could share his or her experiences and advice.

How does Fossil Group support what you’re passionate about?

Fossil does a great job of empowering employees to get involved in the community. I’ve been able to, on multiple occasions, participate in volunteering activities during the weekday which I otherwise would not have been able to attend.

Tell us about a recent volunteer experience that was meaningful to you.

I partnered with members of the Product Development team to organize a holiday party for the children of the Interfaith Family Services, a nonprofit organization in Dallas that works with families to break the cycle of poverty. We played Christmas-themed games and decorated cookies. It is always so refreshing to spend time with kids and do things that put a smile on their face.

What advice would you give someone looking to make an impact in their community?

When most people think of giving back to the community they think of monetary giving. One of the things I have learned through my various volunteer experiences is that face to face contact with people.

See the Fossil x Girls Count Tote bag on Fossil.com

Fossil x Girls Count: Totes with Purpose

FOSSIL x Girls Count: One hundred and thirty million girls do not get the opportunity to attend school. We’ve partnered with The ONE Campaign to join #GirlsCount, a movement to make sure every girl gets an education. One hundred percent of the proceeds of this canvas bag will be used to help ONE advocate for girls to get the education they deserve.

Byron Sanders visits Fossil Group headquarters in Dallas for an interview

Making An Impact: Byron Sanders

Byron Sanders is relentlessly building a community of changemakers with a single goal: to unleash the potential of every single kid in Dallas.

He’s the new President and CEO of Big Thought, a longtime social impact partner of Fossil Group, and he’s on a mission to close the opportunity gap in his community. It’s this passion for leveling the playing field and bringing opportunity to ALL students that’s fueling what’s next for Big Thought.

How does Big Thought unleash the power of youth?

We do this in two different ways. One, we empower kids’ creativity. And two, we help them foster healthy social and emotional wellbeing.

Big Thought has a number of programs that focus on empowering youth to create, to use their voice and to use their imagination to rethink what’s possible. It’s a muscle that you have to develop. Sometimes it’s not necessarily intuitive. We don’t implant the voice, the voice exists and we create experiences that help draw it out.

What impact has your organization made on the Dallas community?

We’re here to create an ecosystem with other Dallas partners whereby more kids get access to out-of-school enrichment in order to develop their creativity. In this way, we’ve worked with thousands and thousands of kids. It’s a beautiful thing. Just last year in Dallas City of Learning, we reached nearly 40,000 students. It’s incredible to talk about the scope and scale of how we work with our partners in our community to enable such a large impact.

What do YOU make time for?

The thing I relentlessly make time for is exposing my kids to new experiences, just like what we’re doing with Big Thought. We make time to travel, which expands their worlds just that much more. Here’s an example: we were able to take our daughter to see Hamilton last year. That was a lifetime moment for her. We knew all the words, we’ve been rapping it for like a year. And then we surprised her with a trip to New York. Life-changing.

The thing that I make time for on a daily basis, kind of my happy place, is listening to audiobooks. Nerdy? I know. But it’s cool. I love being a nerd. I love biographies of leaders throughout history. I love these biographies because most of them look at both the good and the bad—the whole story, the whole human—and you get that vulnerability.

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve encountered on your journey, and how did you overcome it?

I grew up in a house where there was domestic violence. I used to be so ashamed to talk about this. From a very young age, these after school programs, summer school programs, out-of-school experiences, those were my safe space.

I noticed at a very young age, any time I came home with good news—a good report card, or stickers or medals or something like that—everybody was happy. And it’d lighten the room so there wouldn’t be any arguing. There wouldn’t be any of the violence that I’d come to know.

Coming out of this period, I felt like I was able to turn some pretty dark times into something that was very positive. I prided myself on being the golden child, and very often I was able to bring success and thus joy to my mom. Unfortunately, around the time I was in college, I lost my footing. At a fraternity event, I witnessed a college hazing incident that resulted in the expulsion of every student present—including me. But by the grace of God and the grace of other people, I got another shot. I got to go to the University of Tulsa.

There was a guy there, Earl Johnson, who listened to my story and took a chance on me. When I got there, I was like, “I am not going to waste this one.” So I got up there and knew one person. By the end of that year, I’d been elected student body president.

When you take your life lessons, then channel all of your strengths and your experiences into becoming your best self, beautiful things can happen. I am the beneficiary of other people’s grace and other people giving me a chance, which is why a lot of our kids resonate with me personally. A lot of them are similar to where I was at one point: They’ve been written off and they think they don’t have anything left to give, and I know for a fact they do. We just have to be that lifeline to help them recognize it–and the world’s going to catch up.

What advice do you find yourself sharing most frequently?

One of the lessons I’ve learned is that every moment is a gift and we don’t have infinite moments. There’s a finite amount of time that we have on this planet and we have a responsibility to make sure that we’re using those moments intentionally. If we have an opportunity, it’s that we can be effective in helping somebody else’s life, helping them cultivate and curate their greatness.

So the advice that I give, especially when I’m talking to kids and youth is this: People always say, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My response to that is,

“Why wait? You have power right now. You have a voice right now. Let’s do it right now.”

All photos courtesy of Big Thought and Byron Sanders



Wim Schalken is making a difference “literally one medal at a time” as he puts it. This creative IT director is referring to Hiker Medals, a project he started in 2016 after hiking the 211 mile-long John Muir Trail. What was initially a personal passion has now grown into something greater that’s helping others across the globe.

What do you do when you make time for good?

I care deeply about being able to visit remote places that are away from the crowds and for the most part, untouched by civilization. I got to experience this when I hiked the John Muir Trail in 2016 and was blown away by the beauty of this pristine wilderness. Because of the impact this experience had on me, I was looking for a unique keepsake to commemorate the accomplishment. When I couldn’t find anything already out there, I decided to design and create something myself.

Enter Hiker Medals. When word spread, I found that other hikers were looking for similar memorabilia—and as a result there is now a series of medals I sell to customers all over the world. Each medal has a dedicated organization that benefits from the sale of that medal. These are non-profits that maintain trails, educate hikers about safety or perform search and rescue operations.

Share a favorite success you’ve had with this project.

Aside from allowing me to make donations to non-profit organizations, the medals themselves often represent an important accomplishment in the recipient’s life. One example was a gentleman who bought the John Muir Trail medal for his dying mother who had hiked the John Muir Trail solo in the ‘60s.

  • fg-wim-schalken-medal-mid-hero
  • fg-wim-schalken-medals-mid-hero-2

How did you most recently Make Time For Good?

Last weekend I worked on a medal for Mount Whitney—at 14,508 ft, it is the highest summit in the contiguous United States. What’s exciting about this medal is that the beneficiary will be the Inyo County Search and Rescue organization. These volunteers risk their lives several times every season to save hikers on the mountain.

What makes Fossil Group’s culture unique?

At work I get inspired by the creativity that is present in our offices. Whatever I produce doesn’t even come close to the uniqueness of the designs and ideas that I am surrounded with at work.

Fossil Group gives its employees volunteer time off as well as matches dollars to support multiple causes. How did we specifically support you in making time for good?

Doing good is part of Fossil’s DNA. In my case specifically, it was the extended time off I could take to hike the John Muir Trail, which led to the creation of Hiker Medals as well as matching funds to causes supporting the preservation of trails.

How can others get involved in your efforts?

Start hiking, be prepared and make sure to leave no trace. If you get the opportunity, volunteer for or donate to an organization that is responsible for trail maintenance. If you enjoy being outdoors, also consider getting Wilderness First Aid certified, so you can help yourself or others in case of an emergency.

Hiker Medals  By the Numbers

medals were sold to customers all over the world by the end of 2017

Hiker Medal designs to-date (and it continues to grow)

of Hiker Medal sales has been donated to charities in the past year

The amount matched by Fossil Group’s Employee Matching Donation program to various trail associations, foundations and conservancies

To learn more about how Fossil Group makes time for good, visit fossilgroup.com/sustainability.


GET GROWING: Fossil Group Employees Get Their Hands Dirty To Make Time For Good

Over the past year, Fossil Group’s employee-led On-Site Community Garden bloomed from a simple question: How can we grow food to donate to local community partners?  Take a look at the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor.

  • Spring 2017

    A team of green thumbs from Fossil Central Station brainstorm potential spaces, logistics and operational next steps, including budget, design, and structure for a Community Garden.

  • Earth Day 2017

    Fossil Group announces the pilot location of the On-Site Community Garden and issues a call-to-action to employees to join the effort.

  • Volunteers fill community garden beds at Fossil Group
  • August 2017

    First On-Site Community Garden Build Day—four plots are built and set up for fall planting.

  • Fall 2017

    Our On-Site Community Garden produces its first bounty of radishes, carrots and other good-for-you goodies.

  • October 2017

    During our Fall Greater Together Tour, employee volunteers build hoops, which will protect plants and prepare the plots for winter.

  • Winter 2017

    The team reviews lessons learned and best practices and begins planning for a 2018 global expansion.


We’re excited to share more updates on Fossil Group’s employee-led Community Garden in 2018. To learn about all the ways we make time for good, visit fossilgroup.com/sustainability.


Making an Impact: Cassondra Morrison

As an associate jewelry designer for Michael Kors in New York, Cassondra Morrison uses a mix of creativity and technical know-how to craft powerful, yet approachable designs. She’s on a mission to make jewelry with a purpose — through her partnership with the Batey Rehab Project, she’s sharing her design skills and making one-of-a-kind pieces to benefit women and girls abroad.

What do you do when you Make Time For Good?

I share my time and knowledge to help others. My passion is designing and creating jewelry, and I’ve been fortunate to find an organization that does just that. For more than three years, I’ve been volunteering with the Batey Rehab Project (BRP), a non-profit group that works to bring housing solutions and economic empowerment to the Dominican Republic’s impoverished batey communities.

How does Fossil Group support you in making time for good?

My Fossil family has supported me every step of the way, including helping me financially, matching every donation and providing volunteer time off.

“Sharing love and helping others is addictive and I hope that my story encourages others to do the same.”

Share a success you’ve had when you’ve made time for good.

When I went on my first international venture trip with the Batey Rehab Project three years ago, it had just launched its jewelry program with local artisans. The organization’s founder, Katie Godkin Morales, asked me to step in as its jewelry director after I returned, and I helped develop the foundation for its jewelry program and business. What started as teaching small groups of women techniques in jewelry and bead making, evolved into a fully operational social enterprise called Batey Girls, which empowers and employs women and girls in the Dominican Republic who are at risk of sex trafficking and domestic violence. It has been incredible to witness this journey and help these amazing women and girls.

Share any quantitative facts that reflect the impact you’ve made.

In the three years I’ve been volunteering with BRP, I’ve taken five venture trips and have witnessed the organization build more than 20 homes and create a completely sustainable employment program that fights against two of the country’s biggest issues: human trafficking and domestic violence. Eight women and girls are now either employed full time or in school full time because of the Batey Girls program. I’ve also been able to donate my time and skills to create one-of-a-kind designer pieces that are sold to benefit the organization.

How can others get involved with the Batey Rehab Project?

One way is the monthly jewelry club. When you join the Batey Girls Monthly Club (membership is $22 per month), you receive handmade jewelry and a handwritten note in the mail from one of the girls. You can also travel abroad to work directly with the women and girls, or donate to help support the organization. Every dollar counts!

Fossil Group Marketing Internship Group Marcus Graham Project

Meanwhile At Fossil: Marcus Graham Project

Fossil Group had the honor of being one of the 2017 sponsors of the Marcus Graham Project’s iCR8 (I create) boot camp, a summer-long experiential learning program that provides aspiring marketing and advertising leaders with the exposure and experience necessary to build careers within the industry.

The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) is a Dallas-based nonprofit organization and a national network of diverse professionals with a mission to identify, expose, mentor and train ethnically diverse men and women in all aspects of the media industry.

“It has been an incredible privilege to welcome the Marcus Graham Project into our Fossil family, especially as they celebrate an important milestone with their 10th anniversary. This was our first year supporting this tremendous organization, which encourages and inspires young minds to consider careers in the fields of marketing, advertising and public relations,” said Steve Evans, Executive Vice President at Fossil.

“We challenged them to come up with a 360-degree marketing campaign to help address some of our business needs—and they delivered with outstanding results. Working with a team that promotes and models a similar value system of creativity and innovation has given us the inspiration to continue to create accessories that are relevant for the next generation.”

As part of this year’s MGP program, selected boot camp participants from all over the U.S. and Canada came together to launch a full-service advertising agency called The Kinxion. Their pop-up shop tackled a segment marketing challenge—how to speak to Fossil’s male customer (or as they called him “Fossil Gent”) and drive sales. Each MGP participant was paired with a Fossil employee to help coach and support them throughout their creative journey.

For two months, The Kinxion team worked together to research and build a complete brand campaign on the Fossil Gent. This included account planning, production, copywriting, project management, PR, art direction, design as well as interactive and social media marketing. While partnering with their Fossil mentors, each participant learned how an entire campaign is put together and, in the end, wowed the Fossil executive leadership team with their creative pitch and ideas.

Fossil Group Marketing Internship Group Marcus Graham Project: Kinxion

Ahead, meet The Kinxion team and get their take on what it was like to be part of the Marcus Graham Project training boot camp at Fossil. Scroll down to read their favorite on-the-job moments and some of the lessons they learned. And make sure to remember their names, because we’re pretty sure they’ll be winning ad awards in no time!

Fossil Group Marketing Internship: Shauntel Barron

Shauntel Barron

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Position: Art Director

“I developed new design skills while working collectively with a team and even had the opportunity to work closely with a mentor who assisted me in honing my craft. Working with Fossil has given me the tools necessary to be successful throughout my career and even in this next phase of my life.”

James “J.R.” Adams Jr.

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Position: Art Director

“More than just being summer interns, we worked on things that would actually change the scope of how Fossil markets the products, and that’s phenomenal. I’ve learned the importance of asking questions. I wasn’t as open to doing that at my previous job.”

Darnell Gardner Jr.

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Position: Copywriter

“I’ve learned that in order to have the career I want, I have to make certain changes to my trajectory. Fossil has also instilled in me the importance of networking, and reminded me of the value of giving back once you have a little extra to give.”

Adyam Kidane

Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Position: Project Manager

“Whether it was working on speaking to different levels of management, shadowing a Fossil employee for the day or working on my soft skills, Rosi (my mentor) was committed to my growth as an individual. Fossil gave us a taste of the industry and I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Daniel Jagaselvan

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Position: Account Manager

“Working with my team has taught me that a great leader finds how he or she can be of service to the team. Knowing how you personally work and how others work is integral to success. Fossil provided us an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced people in retail and branding. This summer has been surreal. The people and experiences are something I will take away for the rest of my life.”

Anthony Williams II

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Position: Account Manager

“My time at Fossil was an unforgettable experience. I treasured the peer mentorship from so many of the Fossil team who were willing to invest in us and teach us important marketing strategies. The lessons I’ve learned are invaluable.”

Cristina Cabral

Hometown: Newark, New Jersey
Position: Account Planner

“I learned a lot about professionalism and what it means to be empowered in your career. I learned presentations skills, and about how to collaborate with other people. Before, I didn’t think much about the story and impact, but now I know the importance of the little things. Those little things are important to the entire presentation.

Raven LeNoir

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Position: Public Relations Specialist

“Fossil was so welcoming from the first day, everyone was so helpful and eager to help you grow as a professional. The work environment Fossil exhibits is something I’ll look forward to in my future.”

Ayomide Awojinrin

Hometown: Washington, DC Metro Area
Position: Social Media Strategist

“I felt right at home at Fossil, like I belonged. The team has been nothing but supportive, encouraging, and excited to be part of our journey through MGP. My experience cannot be summed up into one word, because Fossil embodies so much more.”